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Stress and the skin...part one

Stress is a part of every-day life. Most people can relate to having a stressful situation occur daily (like running late for work and hitting every red light!) and although our world may no longer be a dangerous one, we do live in a stressful one. However, it is how we deal with our stress that impacts our lives (and skin) for better or worse.This month, Dermalogica are previewing a brand n…

What type of Exfoliation is right for you?

What type of exfoliation is right for you? Most skin care consumers understand the importance of skin exfoliation and the great results that exfoliation can bring to the skin. However, many of us are unsure about the different types of exfoliating products, how they work, the many ingredients contained in them and how to use them effectively. Dermalogica have a choice of different targ…