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Cicabio Creme 40 ml

Description: BIODERMA Cicabio Crème is a moisturising and soothing cream that relieves discomfort from irritation and minor skin damage. Benefits: It forms a breathable film of hyaluronic acid and moisturising agents for optimal skin comfort...
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Cicabio Pommade 40ml

Description: BIODERMA Cicabio Pommade is an occlusive ointment that relieves discomfort from major skin damage. Benefits: It insulates, soothes and repairs damaged skin. Hyaluronic acid and moisturising agents combine to replenish lipids and create...
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Hydrabio Serum 40ml

Description: Concentrated moisturiser for dehydrated skin, the Hydrabio Serum intensely moisturises and strengthens the skin thanks to the Aquagenium® Patent. Benefits: Contains a high concentration of  glycerin, hyaluronic acid and...
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Sebium Global Cream 30 ml

Description: Formulated for skin prone to acne, Sébium Global is a smoothing and purifying cream that helps eliminate whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Benefits: Its high concentration of AHA esters and salicylic acid helps smooth the skin...
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Sebium Hydra Cream 40ml

Description: Sébium Hydra is a moisturising compensating cream for weakened oily skin and skin undergoing dermatological treatments for acne. Benefits: This daily moisturiser soothes and moisturises skin temporarily dried out or irritated by...
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Sebium Sensitive 40ml

Description: Sebium Sensitive is Bioderma's solution for sensitive, acne prone skin. Benefits: This soothing cream contains no keratolytic action (exfoliation) to further sensitise the skin. Combining antioxidants, Bakuchiol and Gingko Biloba, with...
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