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Age Management Kit

Description: This kit delivers a complete skin care system to assists in the achievement and maintenance of more youthful looking skin. It contains: Purastat 5 30ml Extreme C 20 30ml Retinol Brulee 30ml Phytostat 9 15g Benefits: These...
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Aspect Gold Skin Comfort Kit

Description: The AspectTM GOLD Skin Comfort Kit contains a blend of hydrating, nourishing and protective products specifically designed to support compromised skin. With products containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and red...
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Blush Free Kit

Description: The Aspect Blush Free Kit is the perfect solution for those experiencing facial flushing, skin stress or reactivity. It contains: Extreme C 20 30ml Red-Less 21 15ml Phytostat 9 15g Benefits: These three products work harmoniously to...
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Brightening Kit

Description: The Aspect Brightening Kit delivers a comprehensive system specifically formulated to assist in brightening and clarifying the complexion. It contains: Purastat 5 30ml Pigment Punch 30ml Exfol L 15 30ml Phytostat 9...
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Post Treatment Kit

Description: Gentle and non drying, this kit provides supportive care after non-ablative procedures. It contains: Gentle Clean 30ml Red-Less 21 15ml Hydrating Serum 15ml Benefits: Soothing. Protective. increase epidermal moisture...
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Problem Skin Kit

Description: The Aspect Problem Skin Kit is the ideal solution for problematic skin of all ages. It contains: Purastat 5 30ml Jungle Brew 30ml Exfol L 15 30ml Benefits: Specially formulated to deeply purify the skin, minimise congestion and...
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Starter Kit

Description: The Aspect starter kit is ideal for those new to cosmeceutical skincare. It contains: Purastat 5 30ml Extreme C 20 15ml Exfol L 15ml Phytostat 9 15g Benefits: Formulated to gently and effectively address most skin concerns, these...
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Teen Aspect Starter Kit

Description: A simple, uncomplicated skin care range designed with the busy teenager in mind. It contains: Teen Aspect Cleanser 100ml Teen Aspect Facial Lotion 50ml Teen Aspect Toner 100ml Teen Aspect Stop Spot 8ml Benefits: Free of nasties, it...
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