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Absolute Purifying Mask 40ml

$44.46 On Sale
Description: A non drying, deep cleaning mask. Benefits: Absorbs excess sebum. Helps to reduce pore size and shine. Detox mask for the skin. Suitable for: Normal-combination. Oily skins. Targeted treatment. ...
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Deeply Nourishing Mask 50ml

$35.10 On Sale
Description: This mask intensely nourishes the dry and sensitive skins. Benefits: Rich in essential fatty acids. Allergen Free formula. Repairing. Relief to itchy, tight and stressed skins. Suitable for: Sensitive,...
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Hyaluronic Eye Patch Mask 8x2

$48.75 On Sale
Description: These individual packaged eye masks are excellent for rehydrating and to use as a pick me up boost for the eye area. Each box contains 8 eye masks. Benefits: Provides immediate brighter, younger looking eyes in 10 minutes...
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Hyaluronic Mask 50ml

$56.94 On Sale
Description: This gel mask is rich in hydrating and cooling ingredients. Benefits: Gel Mask. Wrinkle Plumping. Decongesting. Cooling. Suitable for: All skins. Directions for use: Apply on freshly cleansed skin. Leave for 10...
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Prodige Face Mask 50ml

$131.82 On Sale
Description: A five minute treatment to help smooth wrinkles, bring out the clarity of the complexion and intensely relax and soothe the skin. Benefits: This mask- treatment visibly plumps, helps smooths wrinkles and facial features...
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SOS Soothing Mask 50ml

$50.70 On Sale
Description: A soothing mask that calms redness and discomfort in the skin. Benefits: Rescue relief for red, hot and reactive skins. Can use to calm sunburn. Soothes redness and discomfort instantly. Skin more resistant to stressors...
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Ultra Hydra Marine Mask 50ml

$61.62 On Sale
Description: This fast working mask is hydrates and is great if you are time poor. Benefits: Skin is smoothed, hydrated and plumped in just 5 minutes. Medium weight mask. Suitable for: All skins. Directions for use: Apply to a...
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