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Payot Herboriste Detox Brume Jambes 100ml

Description: The source of intense and continuous freshness. Walk away from heavy legs and treat them to the lightness they’ve always dreamt of! This mist moisturises, relaxes and instantly relieves feelings of heaviness, and leaves an intense and...
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Payot Herboriste Detox Gelee Minceur 200ml

Description: Refining, firming and toning care. This fresh and melt-in gel texture is your new slimming and well-being ally. It mimics the effects of a workout on the skin, to refine, firm and tone the figure. Benefits: Refining stubborn...
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Payot Herboriste Detox Huile Anti-C 125ml

Description: The intensive cellulite-correcting serum. Benefits: This serum-in-oil is an attack treatment, and has been specially formulated to target and act intensely on the appearance of cellulite, and to visibly reduce the appearance of orange...
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