Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel 20ml

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A rapid spot treatment gel for active blemishes, this blemish control gel has been formulated to reduce swelling from the root of the infection. The antibacterial properties from Oregano, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus fight the cause of infection, preventing the spread of breakouts.


  • Can be used on all skin types for unexpected and unwanted blemishes.
  • Can be used anytime of the day to treat the spread of infection.
  • Best result will be achieved when applied whilst sleeping overnight.
  • Rapidly reduces inflammation of active blemishes.
  • Fights infection and prevents the further spread of infection.
  • Swiftly reduces the appearance of redness and swelling of breakouts.

Suitable for:

Acne-prone and problematic skins.

Directions for use:

Apply locally, under the Clean Skin Daily Hydrator Gel at the first sign of a blemish and then apply as required throughout the day to prevent a blemish becoming worse.

Key ingredients:




Salicylic Acid


NOTE: Not suitable for pregnancy/breastfeeding (Salicylic Acid).