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Bubble Masque Peeling 40ml (8 sachets)

$55.50 On Sale
Description: Rediscover your skin in a fresh light – it’ll feel like new! This peeling mask with its triple action – oxygenating, detoxifying, and neutralising pollution – injects new vitality to dull, choked skin. Its pink gel...
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Crème Matifiante Velours (tube) 30ml

$30.34 On Sale
Description: Moisturising mattifying care. A mattifying cream for combination to oily skin which helps to fight against shine and enlarged pores while moisturising skin. Day after day, sebum excess is regulated, complexion becomes clearer and skin...
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Crème Matifiante Velours 50ml

$51.80 On Sale
Description: Moisturising matifying care. A mattifying cream for combination to oily skin which helps to fight against shine and enlarged pores while moisturising skin. Day after day, sebum excess is regulated, complexion becomes clearer and skin...
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Crème Purifiante 50ml

$50.32 On Sale
Description: Anti-imperfections purifying care. This lightweight cream for combination to oily skin is the anti- spot weapon! It limits and controls sebum excess, visibly reducing imperfections and giving glow to the skin without the shine. The texture...
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Eau Purifiante 200ml

$40.70 On Sale
Description: Perfecting two-phase lotion. As the inheritor of the Pâte Grise L'Originale formulation secrets, Pâte Grise Eau Purifiante is specially designed for combination to oily and blemish-prone skin. Its two-phase formula combines the...
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Expert Points Noirs 30ml

$42.18 On Sale
Description: Blocked-pores unclogging care. How to get rid of blackheads? Pâte Grise Expert Points Noirs is a cool gel-cream to always have on hand! Its unique formula acts in 3 times on blackheads: it cleanses the skin thoroughly, cleanses and...
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Gel Démaquillant D'Tox (gel cleanser) 200ml

$38.48 On Sale
Description: Cleansing gel with cinnamon extract - new formula. On contact with water, Gel Démaquillant D'Tox transforms into a rich cleansing foam to clean intensely combination to oily skin, prone to blemishes and shine. Easy to rinse, it...
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Gelee Nettoyante 200ml

$33.30 On Sale
Description: Perfecting foaming gel. Non-comedogenic. PAYOT will brighten up your day and your beauty routine with its Pâte Grise Gelée Nettoyante containing creamy activated charcoal granules. This delicately-scented gel will leave...
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Lotion Tonique Reveil 200ml

$32.19 On Sale
Description: Radiance-boosting perfecting lotion with raspberry extracts. This toning lotion completes make-up removal, revitalises the skin and reveals the luminosity of the complexion. Its alcohol-free, cool water texture leaves skin clean, soft and...
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Masque Charbon 50ml

$42.92 On Sale
Description: Ultra-absorbent mattifying care. Multi-action Pâte Grise Masque Charbon purifies and mattifies very gently. Its original black texture combines the super-absorbent properties of charcoal derived from Japanese oak trees and the...
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Masque D'Tox (deep cleansing masque) 50ml

$42.92 On Sale
Description: Radiance-boosting detoxifying treatment with grapefruit extracts. Masque D'Tox is the ideal face mask for a radiance beauty routine. It cleanses the skin perfectly, while respecting and eliminating sebum excess, impurities and pollutants...
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Pate Grise Concentre Anti Imperfection 30ml

$70.30 On Sale
Description:   Say goodbye to annoying imperfections! The ally for imperfection-prone combination to oily skin, this serum concentrated in Zinc extract intensely purifies the skin to help eliminate blemishes quickly and limit their reappearance...
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Pate Grise L'Originale 15ml

$35.52 On Sale
Description: Emergency anti-imperfections care. The genuine formula since 1920. For almost 70 years, Pâte Grise L'Originale is the ideal skincare to bring small blemishes to a maturation phase. Anti-blemish secret transmitted from generation...
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Speciale 5 15ml

$35.52 On Sale
Description: Drying and purifying gel. Legacy of the famous Dr. NG PAYOT lotion, the purifying gel Spéciale 5 combines salicylic acid, known for its calming properties, essential oil of melaleuca and purifying sulfur. Spéciale 5 dries and...
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Stick Couvrant (Pate Grise Stick) 1.6G

$31.08 On Sale
Description: Purifying concealer with shale extract. Derived from the famous Pâte Grise L'Originale, Stick Couvrant Pâte Grise is a high-coverage concealer recommended for regular or occasional minor spots. Enriched in shale extract, the...
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Sunny Brume Lactee 150ml

$44.40 On Sale
Description: The fabulous tan booster. The Brume Lactée is a lightweight mist that provides intense sun protection for face & body. Its light vapour texture intensifies your tan and envelops skin in an invisible mist, refreshing and...
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