After much research, Prodermal are proud to extend our range by adding silk pillowcases and eye masks to our offering. The dynamic LOVESILK team are dedicated to producing superior, quality products with a high grade silk quality at an affordable price point. Silk has extraordinary benefits that contribute to healthy hair, skin and an overall healthy lifestyle.

LOVESILK founder Michelle would like to share her love of silk with others, so you too can experience the benefits silk offers skin, hair and more.

LOVESILK is a range of silk pillowcases and eye masks made from 100% pure mulberry silk.

Silk is known for its superior quality of softness and is naturally cooling and soothing for the skin and Michelle’s goal is clear:

“Everybody should be able to experience the benefits that natural silk offers your skin and hair. Whether it is to protect your hair against breakage, avoid face creases after a good night’s sleep, or protecting sensitive skin against skin allergens, this product will be able to help”

"I love my silk pillowcase!"... LOVESILK