Bio-Therapeutic BT-Sonic Microsonic Cleaning Brush

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Supercharge your cleanse and your results with this cleansing brush that really is a cut above the rest!
The bt-sonic is truly the only cleansing brush you will ever need, designed by the skin experts at Bio-Therapeutic, it will deliver professional results with every use.

Why we love it:

• The triangular cleansing head reaches even the hardest to reach contours of the face, delivering results in places round brushes simply can’t go.

• Hygienic, silver ion infused Azul silicone bristles deliver superb cleansing and exfoliating results without stressing the skin the way traditional brushes can.

• The microsonic waves pulsate at up to 20,000 vibrations per second, dislodging dirt and debris and optimising the performance of your cleanser or exfoliant.

• It's water resistant so you can use it in the shower!

CE safety tested & FDA approved.

Combine this with one of our DIY Facial Kits, your cleanser or exfoliant and enjoy clean, bright and smooth skin every time.