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What type of Exfoliation is right for you?

What type of exfoliation is right for you? Most skin care consumers understand the importance of skin exfoliation and the great results that exfoliation can bring to the skin. However, many of us are unsure about the different types of exfoliating products, how they work, the many ingredients contained in them and how to use them effectively. Dermalogica have a choice of different targ…

Skin ageing is in the air... NEW Daily Superfoliant

There is something new in the air at Dermalogica and Prodermal this month. We’ve got your skin covered with a new product designed to absorb environmental toxins and guard your skin against the damaging effects of pollution.Prodermal is excited to introduce… Daily Superfoliant!Dermalogica is a leader in product research and development and their research shows that 92% of the world’s popula…